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China Fintech Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics

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China FinTech Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics was established in 2017, and its predecessor is the Health-Wealth and Big Data Research Center, which is one of the earliest fintech research institutions in China. Based on the interdisciplinary strengths of the Central University of Finance and Economics, the China FinTech Research Center integrates multidisciplinary research in finance, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the center maintains close cooperation with the industry. It is committed to investigate cutting-edge financial technology, pay attention to the challenge problems in Fintech, and devote time to solve real-life problems. The center is positioned as a first-class think tank based in China, and its purpose is to actively promote basic theory and innovative research; meanwhile, it would provide consulting services and strategic advisory for government departments, financial institutions, fintech companies and related organizations.


With the support of the School of Finance and Central University of Finance and Economics, members have made a lot of academic achievements, including undertaking a number of national and provincial research projects, acting as an associate editor in the international authoritative journal for artificial intelligence, and publishing published a number of papers including AAA-level papers. In addition, the center helped speed up industry development and provided policy-making suggestions, actively participated in setting industrial standards, published the China Fintech Innovation and Development Index, developed many software such as " Finance and Insurance Big Data APP", published Several Fintech and Insur-Tech Reports which have gained extensive attentions. The center cooperates with many leading financial companies in various forms.


The members of the research center are mainly from the Central University of Finance and Economics including School of Information, School of Statistics, School of Insurance (China Actuarial Research Institute). Moreover, some members are from Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua University. Also, some members are experts from the financial industry. The Fintech Series has an advisory committee headed by Ni Guangnan, Member of China Academic of Engineering. The committee is responsible for prioritizing conducting research topics and providing advice for the development direction of the Center.


Director: Ning Zhang




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