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Overview of the Department of Applied Finance

As the predecessor of the Department of Applied Finance, the Banking (later changed to Finance) Teaching and Research Office under the Department of Finance was established in the 1960s. In 2003, following the foundation of the School of Finance, the Finance Teaching and Research became the Department of Applied Finance engaged in the research and teaching of financial institutions, capital markets, corporate finance, behavioral finance in the field of micro-finance. The Department also offers the following courses: commercial bank operations, financial market, corporate finance, securities investment, investment banking, behavioral finance, empirical financial analysis, etc. for undergraduate, master and PhD. Together with the Department of Finance and Department of International Finance, the Department of Applied Finance jointly undertakes the education of finance major.

The Department of Applied Finance has a competent teaching team led by Professor Shi Jianping. Currently, the Department has 14 faculties, including eight professors, five associate professors and one assistant professor, five of whom are PhD supervisor. Among these professors, there is one member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, two recipients of the State Council’s Special Government Allowance, two Ministry of Education’s New Century Excellent Talents in University, one CUFE Distinguished Professor, one CUFE Distinguished Young Scholar, and one Best-performing Person in the New Era in Beixiaguan Sub-district.

The Securities Investment coordinated by Professor He Qiang has been rated as a quality course in Beijing; the English course Advanced Microeconomics taught by Associate Professor Wei Xu is rated by the Ministry of Education as the brand course offered to foreign students in English in China; and the Behavioral Finance taught by Associate Professor Huang Yuqin and Corporate Finance taught by Associate Professor Wang Tingting are on the MOOC platform of Chinese universities. Five textbooks edited by teachers of the department have been selected into the 11th Five-Year Plan textbooks and as Beijing Excellent Textbooks. The two teaching-reform projects based on the Department have won the second prize for Education and Teaching Reform Achievements of the Beijing Municipality

Based in the Department, five research institutions, including the Securities and Futures Research Institute, Mintai Institute of Finance and Banking, China Academy of Asset Management, China Rural Financial Innovation Cooperation Research Center, and Private Equity Research Center, were established. The centers have produced abundant research results and a number of research reports with major social influence, including China MSME Finance Report. In recent years, the teaching staff have also led more than twenty national and general research projects, such as the projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Fund of China. They have published papers in key domestic and foreign journals, including Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal, the Journal of World Economy, Management World, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance and Financial Management, etc. Many policies proposed by the teaching staff have been approved by national leaders, ministries and commissions, or have been applied in practice.

Names of current faculty of the Department

Professors: Shi Jianping, He Qiang, Han Fuling, Du Huifen, Chen Ying, Ying Zhanyu, Zhang Xueyong and Li Junfeng

Associate Professors: Li Defeng(Double Engagement), Wang Dingding, Huang Yuqin (Department Dean), Wei Xu and Wu Weili

Assistant Professor: Wang Ying