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  The Department of International Finance is an affiliated unit of the School of Finance which engages in the teaching and research of International Finance, International Investment, and International Settlement etc.

  The faculty of the Department of International Finance currently consists of three professors, five associate professors and three lecturers, among which there are four doctoral supervisors. Not only does the Department of International Finance possess a comprehensive subject setup, but also have a well-organized faculty. This faculty is actively carrying out the teaching reform of major courses in International Financial and has achieved remarkable results.

  With regard to teaching, the faculty won second place in the Beijing Teaching Achievement awards; has presided over and participated in a National Bilingual Demonstration Course in International Finance; conduced one English course in International Finance approved by the Ministry of Education; created the curriculum for two courses for CUFE in International Finance and International Economics. The faculty has presided over three school-level projects of teaching reform and one excellent textbook project for postgraduate students of CUFE in International Financial Management. The faculty has also edited one national excellent textbook in International Finance and other textbooks in International Economics, International Financial Management.

  With regard to research, the faculty has presided over and successfully completed many national and provincial research projects supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Fund of China, Humanities and Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, and the supporting foundation of Excellent Youth Scholars for higher education of the Ministry of Education. The faculty has completed several practical research projects involving finance institutes such as Shanghai Stock Exchange and The National Association of Securities Dealers etc. They have obtained several provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards, such as Deng Ziji Academic Paper Awards and Top Ten Chinese Papers in International Finance (selected by The World Economic Yearbook of 2016). Many research achievements of the faculty have been published in domestic and foreign journals, such as The Journal of World Economy and Journal of Finance Research etc.

  The director of the Department of International Finance is Professor Zhang Biqiong. Other members of the faculty include Professor Zhang Liqing, Professor Tan Xiaofen, Associate Professor Huang Weiyu, Associate Professor Xiao Fengjuan, Associate Professor Nie Lijun, Associate Professor Yin Libo, Associate Professor Gou Qin, Lecturer Tao Kunyu, and Lecturer Wang Yaqi.