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The Professional Master of Finance programs aim to cultivate top-class practical financial professionals. In 2010, China’s Ministry of Education approved the creation of the Professional Master of Finance program, and the School of Finance became one of the first in China to admit students to such programs. In 2015, the Professional Master’s students outnumbered those of Academic Master’s and became a key constituent of the postgraduate education at the School of Finance. In 2019, the School introduced the Master of Finance programs for international students.

As China’s economic and financial environment changes, the School has also adjusted the development direction of its Professional Master’s. While introducing specialized courses such as Quantitative Investment, the School is the first in China to offer special courses, including Introduction to Internet Finance, Management of International Financial Organizations and Financial Ethics. This ensures the coordinated development in five directions, namely Banking Management, Quantitative Investment and Securities Management, Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering, Management of International Financial Organizations and Fintech. The curriculum design primarily consulted the modular-building system of the Teaching Guidance Committee and comprises general foundation courses, specialized compulsory courses and elective courses. Supported by its highly competent teaching staff, the School has built a Curriculum Team that takes charge of all the courses of the Professional Master’s programs. Furthermore, certain specialized graduate courses have introduced practical teachers from outside the school or famous professors from abroad, thus achieving on- and off-campus lecture collaboration and joint supervision. Regarding the supervisors, the programs have an “on- and off-campus” dual-supervisor system, whereby the on-campus supervisors are chiefly elite from financial academia, while the off-campus supervisors are mostly senior executives or business mainstays from the financial circle in Beijing. Taking advantage of quality teaching and research resources, the School has built many communication platforms, such as Economic and Financial Master Lectures, Financial Street Forums and Biweekly Forums, which offer students ample opportunities to follow the latest financial theories and practice at home and abroad.  

The quality of the Master’s program students of the School has always been widely recognized by the public. The graduates have in recent years achieved almost 100% employment, thus maintaining a high employment standard. And over 40% of the graduates have taken up employment at the headquarters or direct affiliates of major state-owned banks or joint-equity commercial banks, while nearly 40% of the graduates work at financial institutions such as securities and fund companies.  

The Professional Master’s programs last two years and lead to a Master’s Degree in Finance.