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Belt & Road Finance Institute

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The Belt & Road Finance Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics (hereinafter referred to as “Institute”) was originally established in July 2016 and was filed by the National and Regional Research Center of the Ministry of Education in June 2017 (recorded name: AIIB Institute ), which is a nonprofit academic research institution affiliated with the School of Finance of the Central University of Finance and Economics.

The institute upholds Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics socialism, guided by the theory of “building a community of human destiny”, actively responding to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative initiated by the state, with the tenet of “Focusing on finance, servicing the real economy, keeping connection, cooperation and sharing”, aiming at “building an academic think tank with both theoretical innovation and policy research", focused on thematic study about investment and financing risks, of theOne Belt and One Road”, investment and financing cooperation innovation, governance of international financial organizations and so on, promoting the development and innovation of Belt & Road Finance Theory, providing intellectual support for the formulation and implementation of the policy for the “One Belt and One Road”, and providing consultation of investment, financing, and risk management strategy for enterprises to go global.

The institute actively cooperates with institutions such as Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, Silk Road Fund, China Development Bank, Bank of China, China Investment Corporation, China Baohua Holding Group Co., Ltd on relevant research, and build a research team with Renmin University of China, Xiamen University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Lanzhou University, Guangxi University, Tibet University, Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, Finance Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and other scientific research institutes, gradually forming a new mechanism for multilateral joint research.

As of April 2020, the center has undertaken a number of vertical projects including the National Social Science Fund Project, the National Natural Science Fund Project, and the National and Regional Research Center Projects of the Ministry of Education. Local institutions, enterprises and institutions have entrusted more than ten projects. The Center has successfully held “Academic Seminars on the Economic Effects of 'One Belt and One Road' Financial Cooperation”, and published the “One Belt and One Road Financial Risk Study”. Experts of the center have published more than 60 academic papers and political commentaries domestic and foreign full-text journals and media magazines such asJournal of International Money and Finance,European Journal of Finance,China Economic Review,Economic Modelling,Emerging Markets Finance and Trade“Economic Research” “Management World” “Financial Research” “World Economy” “Economics (Quarterly) ” “China Industrial Economy”International Finance Research“China Social Science Journal” “China Finance” and “Financial Expo”.

At present, the center's research team has a total of 33 people, including 14 people from the School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, 1 from Cambridge University, 1 from Xiamen University, 1 from University of International Business and Economics, 1 from Beijing Jiaotong University, 1 from Lanzhou University, 1 from Capital University of Economics and Business, 1 from Beijing Second Foreign Studies University, 4 from Xinjiang Finance and Economics University, 1 from Guangxi University, 2 from Tibet University, 2 non-university researchers and 3 overseas scholars (experts in economics and finance from well-known universities in the US and UK). The research center has established the organizational structure of the council, academic committee, academic forum and so on. The research topics in recent years have focused on the investment and financing models in the core area of the “One Belt and One Road”, the financial risks of the “One Belt and One Road” countries, the operation and governance of the Asian Investment Bank, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor, financial cooperation of China and Central Asian countries, China-ASEAN financial cooperation and the construction of the Maritime Silk Road and other fields.

Director: Li Jianjun



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