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China Center for Monetary Economics

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China Center for Monetary Economics was establishedin June 2019. The purpose of the Center is to build a high-level academicplatform for monetary economic research, to promote research on monetary theoryand policy in China, and to provide intellectual support for macroeconomic andfinancial management. Taking advantages of resources from the national keydiscipline "Finance" at CUFE, the Center has gathered a group ofoutstanding scholars that conduct research on monetary economics and finance.The Center is now promoting research on monetary theory and policy, macro-prudentialtheory and policy, systemic financial risk, monetary and financial theory inopen economy.

The predecessor of the Center is "CUFE Macro-financialGroup", which was initiated by Professor Huang Zhigang in March 2013, andhas been holding a series of "Macro-finance Group Workshop" up to morethan 200 times by the end of 2019. The participants of the Macro-finance Groupare composed of teachers and students from the CUFE and scholars from severaluniversities in Beijing. After its establishment, the Center has promptly setup a "Monetary Economics Salon" based on the Macro-finance GroupWorkshop. The Salon has since then become an academic platform for domesticscholars in the field of monetary economics. In May 2019, the Center has successfully organized and applied for theprogram "Youth Innovation Team" at CUFE to carry out the project"Research on the Two-pillar Framework of Monetary Policy and Macro-prudentialPolicy". Members of the Center have presided or been presiding over anumber of NSFC projects, and published a large number of publications inhigh-level domestic and foreign journals.

Director: Huang Zhigang

Members: Peng Yuchao, Dong Bingbing, Yan Lili, GuoYumei, Jin Gu, Wang Chan



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