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  As a new major with interdisciplinary features, the Major of Financial Engineering was established in 2002. It is one of the first five financial engineering undergraduate programs in China approved by the Ministry of Education. In 2012, the Master’s and Doctoral programs in Financial Engineering were authorized to admit students. The Department of Financial Engineering is committed to cultivating international and innovative financial professionals with both a sound personality and highly-developed sense of social responsibility. Not only do they receive a solid foundation in mathematical programming, but also excel in modern financial theory. Not only are they familiar with financial product design, but also versed in quantitative analysis.

  The Department of Financial Engineering was established in 2002 and currently has a faculty of 12 teachers. All of them have doctoral degrees from distinguished universities at home and abroad, including two professors, eight associate professors, two lecturers. Among them, two teachers are doctoral supervisors; five teachers possess an overseas doctoral degree; eight teachers have experience of studying abroad for more than one year, and two teachers are members of The New Century Millions of Talents Project.

  The Department of Financial Engineering has undergraduate programs, master’s programs and doctoral programs and four sections including: Supporting Theories in Finance and Economics, Practical Finance, Mathematical Fundamentals and Programming Calculation, and Professional Quality Development. Classroom teaching and experimental teaching are widely used as the teaching forms. The main courses are Introduction to Financial Engineering, Financial Derivative Instruments, Financial Economics, Econometrics, Securities Investment, Fixed Income Securities, Financial Derivative Instruments and Dynamic Finance, Risk Management , Finance Ethics , Applied Stochastic Processes ,Operations Research, Programming with C++,  Financial Numerical Computing, Empirical Finance and Application of Statistical Software ,  Empirical Studies in Finance ,  Programming Using Python,  Analysis of Financial Time Series, Game Theory and Information Economics etc.

  The faculty of the Department of Financial Engineering conduces research in the following areas: Financial Market Microstructure, Financial Econometrics, Financial Risk Management, Asset Pricing, Fixed Income Securities, Behavioral Finance, Term Structure of Interest Rate etc. They have made numerous achievements in academic and practical research. In the past five years, they have presided over six research projects for the Natural Science Foundation of China and seven practical research projects. Research results have been published in noted domestic and foreign journals, such as Financial Management, International Review of Economics and Finance, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, Science China, Journal of Management Sciences in China, and The Journal of World Economy.

  The Director of the Department of Financial Engineering is Associate Professor Shang Youguang. Other members of the faculty include Professor Wang Hui, Professor Liu Xiangli, Associate Professor Li Leining, Associate Professor Shi Xiuhong, Associate Professor Shi Yingzhe, Associate Professor Dai Wei, Associate Professor Gao Yan, Associate Professor Zhou Deqing, Associate Professor Chen Rui, and Lecturer Guo Jianguang, Lecturer Zhu Yifeng.