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Overview of the Department of FinTech

The Department of FinTech was established in 2017 as the first one of its kind in the Chinese universities. The Department is mainly engaged in research and studies of Internet Finance, Big Data Finance, Smart Finance, Blockchain Application in Finance, FinTech Regulation, and Financial Security. The Department offers the following courses: FinTech, Big Data and Finance, Blockchain Technology and Applications, Artificial Intelligence Principles and Applications, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, FinTech Regulation and Regulation Technology for undergraduates, master and PhD. The FinTech built by the Department is the interdisciplinary major of Finance, Computer Science, and Information Technology. It is the first FinTech discipline in the country that undertakes education of undergraduates, master and PhD. At the same time, the Department also cultivates majors in Fintech Experimental Class and Double-cultivation FinTech Talents in Beijing.

The Department has a competent teaching team led by Professor Li Jianjun. The teachers come from relevant departments in CUFE, which adopts the new mechanism of both full-time teachers and Double Engagement ones. Currently, the Department has four professors, five associate professors and four lecturers. Among these teachers, there is one Ministry of Education’s New Century Excellent Talent in University, one recipient of the Famous Teacher Award of Beijing Municipality, one Teacher with Morals in Beijing, one CUFE Distinguished Professor, one Moving-Haidian Figure and one Best-performing Person in the New Era in Beixiaguan Sub-district.

The first postgraduate MOOC Financial Theory and Policy coordinated by Professor Li Jianjun is available on the MOOC platform of Chinese universities, and Introduction to Internet Finance is on the MOOC platform of Chinese universities and the Open University of China. The Department has the Beijing-level virtual simulation experiment project “Country Financial Confrontation Virtual Simulation Experiment”. The teachers of the Department have edited one 12th  Five-Year Plan textbook, led one teaching reform project in Beijing, and one university-level teaching reform.

Based in the Department, a few research institutions were established, including the FinTech Innovation Lab, the National Financial Security Engineering and Regulatory Science and Technology Laboratory, the Silk Road Financial Research Center and the Asian Investment Bank Research Center (archived in the Ministry of Education). They have published the Belt and Road Financial Risks Research and a number of research reports with major social influence. In recent years, our faculty has led more than ten studies such as the projects of NSFC and the National Social Science Fund of China. Their papers have been published in key domestic and foreign journals, including Economic Research Journal, the Journal of World Economy, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of International Money and Finance, China Economic Review, and Soft Computing, etc. Many policy proposals suggested by the teachers have received great attention from relevant government departments.

Names of current faculty of the Department:

Professors: Li Jianjun, Zhang Ning, Su Zhi (Double Engagement, School of Statistics and Mathematics), and Ouyang Rihui (Double Engagement, Research Institute of Internet Finance)

Associate Professors: Li Defeng (Double Engagement), Dai Wei(Department Dean), Gu Xian, Guo Yumei and Peng Yuchao

Assistant Professors: Wang Chan, Ding Na, Wang Jingyi and Chen Yuzi