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Overview of the Department of Finance

As the predecessor of the Department of Finance, the Theory Teaching and Research Office in the Department of Finance of the Central College of Finance and Economics was established in 1960. In 2003, following the foundation of the School of Finance, the Office became the Department of Finance and is engaged in the research in different financial fields, primarily Monetary Theory and Policy, Financial Development and Reform, Banking Development, History of Finance, Financial Stability and Regulation, Financial Intermediaries and Institutions and Private Finance. The Department also offers the following courses: Finance, Central Banking, History of Finance, Financial Intermediary Studies, Financial Statistical Analysis, Financial Theory and Policy, as well as Monetary and Financial Ideological Origins and Development in China and Abroad. In addition to undergraduate, master and PhD programs, the Department offers further-education courses for Finance and Economics majors at evening colleges and programs for the upgrade from technical college to university. In December 2019, with the Department of Finance as its key support, the Finance major was approved as a top national undergraduate major.

The Department prides itself on its outstanding teaching staff and has a remarkable, state-recognized teaching team led by Professor Li Jian, a recipient of the National Famous Teacher Award. Currently, the Department has seven professors, nine associate professors and four lecturers, among them are a recipient of the National Famous Teacher Award, two Ministry of Education’s New Century Excellent Talents in University, one participant in the Trans-Century Training Programme Foundation for Talents, one recipient of the Famous Teacher Award of Beijing Municipality, two recipients of the State Council’s Special Government Allowance, one member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and one member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Finance, the course coordinated by Professor Li, has been rated as one of the first national quality courses, one of the first national quality resource-sharing courses and a national Massive Online Open Course. In addition, the course is available on the platform Meanwhile, seven textbooks edited by teaching staff of the Department have been selected as the teaching material by the Eleventh and Twelfth Five-Year Plans. The teaching-reform project based on the Department has won the Special Award of National Education and Teaching as well as First and Second Prizes for Education and Teaching Reform Achievements of the Beijing Municipality. The teaching reform has achieved remarkable results.

Based in the Department of Finance, the China Banking Research Center and China Center for Monetary Economics were established. The centers have produced abundant research results and a number of research reports with major social influence, including the China Banking Research and Development Report. Teaching staff of the Department have also led a number of national longitudinal studies, such as the major national social-science projects and major social-science projects of the Ministry of Education, which have won multiple provincial and ministerial-level awards with the research results. Furthermore, our faculty has published papers in top domestic and foreign journals, including Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal, China Economic Quarterly, the Journal of World Economy, Management World, International Economic Review and Journal of International Money and Finance. Many of the policies proposed by the teaching staff have been approved by national leaders, ministries and commissions.

Names of current faculty of the Department:

Professors: Wang Guangqian, Li Jian, Wei Jianhua, Li Jianjun (Double Engagement), Guo Tianyong, Jia Yuge and Huang Zhigang

Associate professors: Zuo Yuxiu (Department Dean), Sun Jianhua, Ma Ya, Huang Changli, Cai Ruhai, Fang Yi, Yan Lili, Guo Yumei (Double Engagement) and Peng Yuchao (Double Engagement)

Assistant Professors: Jin Gu, Dong Bingbing, Wang Chan (Double Engagement) and You Wuyue