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China Banking Research Center

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The China Banking Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics was established in September 2005. The center based on the national key discipline, the central university of finance and finance discipline advantage and research team, widely contact relevant academic institutions at home and abroad, dedicated to the research of macro-economic and financial policy, banking reform and development mode, the banking business management and product innovation, and financial regulatory system etc., analyze hot difficult problem in the financial sector, especially banking, to the stable development of China's banking sector to provide countermeasures and Suggestions. Our research interests include banking reform, macroeconomics, monetary policy, real estate and capital markets.


In recent years, the research center has achieved fruitful results. In terms of papers, more than 500 papers have been published by the center's researchers and graduate students in such journals as economic research, management world, world economy, financial research and international financial research. Subject, researcher at the center and the participation subject more than 50 items, "to reform and perfect to adapt to the development of modern financial market financial regulatory framework" (national social science major projects), commercial bank capital management research (the postal savings bank of China), "looking back, think again, then starting forty years, China's financial reform and opening up", the development of Chinese banking industry research report, the development of Chinese private banking research report and a series of research has great influence in academia and industry.


The center’s scholar visited many government departments, financial institutions to conduct exchanges and seminars, and the macro economic and financial regulatory reform and transformation of commercial bank development carried on the thorough research, and the People's Bank of China, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Tangshan local Banks to carry out financial supervision and administration, Guiyang and topic of academic research. In addition, the teachers of the research center have been invited to participate in industry forums or closed-door academic discussions on many occasions, and have provided lectures on the interpretation of financial regulatory policies, bank transformation and innovation issues to financial institutions.


The center has a council, which is responsible for the direction of the center's research work and the determination of major strategic topics. At the same time, there are academic committees and advisory committees to guide the research work. The director assumes overall responsibility for the daily operation. At present, there are as many as more than 10 researchers. The center formed a multi-level structure of the study and discussion system.


Director: Guo Tianyong

Telephone: 010--62288715


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