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Centre for International Finance Studies

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The Centre for International Finance Studies (CIFS) at the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) was founded in September 2003. It is dedicated to follow up the latest development of theories and practices in international finance, based on the academic strengths of the School of Finance at CUFE which is one of the best finance disciplines in China, and the extensive cooperation with domestic and oversea academic institutions. The CIFS aims to actively promote basic theoretical research, as well as provide consulting service and decision-making suggestions to government departments, financial institutions and business organizations. The main research fields of CIFS include international finance, international investment, international financial markets, macroeconomics and corporate finance.


Since its foundation, CIFS has been focusing on researches of RMB exchange rate regime, global economic imbalances, capital flows and capital account liberalization, RMB internationalization, as well as China’s open macroeconomic policies. In recent years, research fellows in the center has run dozens of national research projects, including “China’s foreign reserves and adjustment of international payments”, “The global financial crisis and its impact on China”, “The pricing mechanism of international commodities”, “The reform of exchange rate regime: international experience and implications for China”, “European sovereign debt crisis: impacts and countermeasures”, “Financial liberalization and financial stability”, “China’s capital account liberalization: process arrangements and risk prevention”, “Global monetary system reform and the internationalization of the RMB”.


Over the years, CIFS is dedicated to international academic exchanges. Since 2008, it organized a dozen of high-level international conferences, including the “Asia-Pacific Forum on Economics and Finance” and various topical conferences and workshops. The partners of these events include Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, European Centre for Economic Policy Research, Asian Development Bank, Columbia University, German Institute for Development, Keio University in Japan, Korea University, and Mongolian Academy of Sciences. As the main initiator, the center also established the think-tank research Institute "Collaborative Innovation Center for Global Financial Governance" (CICGFG) in 2012, in conjunction with similar research institutions at home and abroad.


A board of directors, playing as the main decisive body, is assembled by the originating institutions. The center also has academic committee and advisory committee, as two important institutional supporters. The managing director is responsible for the routine operation of the center.


Director: Zhang Liqing



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