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Institute of Securities and Futures

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The Institute of Securities and Futures of the Central University of Finance and Economics was established in April 1994 under the personal initiative of the famous financial expert Professor Liu Guangdi. Our institute is the first senior research institution specialized in securities and futures research in China. The current director is a financial and securities expert Professor He Qiang.


Based on the disciplinary advantages of the School of Finance of Central University of Finance and Economics and Central University of Finance and Economics, with the help of internal and external expert resources, the Institute is committed to researching the latest theoretical developments and policy practices of multi-level capital markets. The purpose of the institute is to combine financial theory and financial practice, and fully play the role of leading academic research and serving society.


The Institute currently has nearly 20 full-time and part-time researchers, including many professors, doctoral supervisors and well-known experts in the industry. In 2010, Shanghai Branch and Shenzhen Branch were successively established for research needs.


For more than 20 years, we have always insisted on the combination of theory and practice, and conducted a comprehensive and systematic research on China’s securities market with a solid and practical style of study, which has achieved a lot of research results. It has not only aroused great social repercussions, but also recognized by many experts and scholars, and also been highly valued by the central leadership.


With the support of the school and University, the institute actively carries out academic research activities inside and outside the University, and successfully held several large-scale advanced academic conferences, which achieved good social effects. The institute attaches great importance to participating in social practice activities, visited many listed companies and wrote a series of special research reports. We have been invited by the leaders of CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission)and banking departments for many times to reflect the situation of securities market and provide regulatory opinions. Our suggestions have been highly valued by relevant departments. We also accepted the invitation of the National People's Congress and participated in the opinion meeting on the revision of the Fund Law of the People's Republic of China and provided many important suggestions. We have also actively participated in the cooperation of newspapers, magazines, CCTV, radio stations and other news media, opened academic columns, served as writers and speakers, and promoted related knowledge of state-owned enterprise reform and capital market, which has had a great social impact. We occupies a relatively prominent position in academia. The "multi-level capital market series" of our institute has published many monographs, and the "new three board market development report" launched for many years in a row has a great impact on the market.


The institute implements the director's responsibility system, has a fixed research team, and at the same time, hires a number of part-time researchers and academic consultants to guide the research work.


Director: He Qiang


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