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The textbook FinTech, Edited by Professor Li Jianjun and Associate Professor Peng Yuchao, is Selected as a Key Project of “High-quality Textbooks for Undergraduates of Colleges and Universities in Beijing.”

Published:2021-09-20  Views:

On September 10, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission published the Circular on Announcing the 2021 Selection Results of “High-quality Courses for Undergraduates” and “High-quality Textbooks and Courseware for Undergraduates” (Jing Jiao Han [2021] No. 467). The textbook On FinTech, edited by Professor Li Jianjun and Associate Professor Peng Yuchao, was selected as a Key Project of “High-quality Textbooks for Undergraduates of Colleges and Universities in Beijing.”

From the perspective of aligning with the needs of FinTech discipline improvement and talent training, the textbook On FinTech builds the system and framework of theories and basic knowledge on FinTech on the premise of highlighting the theoretical nature of the discipline’s foundation, match with the students’ study and applicability to the teaching practice. The textbook reorganizes the laws of technology-driven financial development and changes and financial innovation from a historical perspective, introduces the principles of technology application governing FinTech, and highlights the compatibility between technical principles and financial applications. What’s more, it introduces FinTech topics in payment & clearing, commercial banking, financial transaction market, the insurance industry, and financial risk management based on the practice of FinTech. It explains from the point of view of macro managers the monetary management, risk management, credit management, and FinTech regulatory and legal issues, as well as the regulatory, technological objectives and technical issues brought about by FinTech, while fully integrating ideological and political elements and attaching importance to telling the Chinese FinTech story.

The textbook is suitable for teaching undergraduate students who majored in FinTech, Internet Finance, Finance, Financial Engineering, Digital Economy, etc., and can also serve as reference material for teaching at other levels. Since its publication in January 2021, the textbook has been used by more than 30 universities such as the Central University of Finance and Economics, the South-Central University for Nationalities, and the Beijing University of Technology, reflecting a high degree of social recognition and timely meeting the teaching needs of undergraduates majored in FinTech, among others, in China’s higher learning institutions.

Professor Li Jianjun and Associate Professor Peng Yuchao, the editors of the textbook, have been working on the front line of teaching for a long time, focusing on the deep integration of teaching and research achievements with classroom teaching, paying attention to the frontier of discipline development, and devoting themselves to compiling high-quality teaching materials.

Taking this award as an opportunity, the School of Finance will further strengthen the compilation and improvement of textbooks, play a leading and exemplary role in offering high-quality teaching materials for undergraduate students, further stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers to throw themselves in undergraduate teaching, constantly update the teaching concept, promote the innovation of teaching materials, make teaching materials standard and up-to-date, strongly support the development of Finance discipline and innovative educational reform, and continuously improve the quality of the University’s talent training.


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