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The School of Finance was awarded the National Advanced Collective of Textbook Compilation

Published:2021-10-15  Views:

The National Textbook Committee of the Ministry of Education recently issued the Decision on the First National Textbook Compilation and Improvement Awards (Guo Jiao Cai [2021] No. 6). Our School was named an “Advanced Group of Textbook Compilation and Improvement in China.”

As the earliest training base for financial talents in New China, the School of Finance has long insisted on leveraging curriculum and textbooks to foster character through education and formed a cluster of high-quality curriculum and textbooks for finance majors through the ongoing efforts of several generations. The School is among the first batch of model schools and departments for Party building in China, a model collective in Beijing, and an excellent team for teaching undergraduates finance in Beijing. By blending ideologies and politics with the curriculum and teaching materials, the School has made available over 10 ideological and political demonstration courses, national high-quality courses, and first-class courses such as Finance, and published dozens of textbooks for more than 100 times; Finance, International Finance and other 22 textbooks were evaluated as textbooks under national planning; Central Banking won the first prize of excellent textbooks of Chinese higher-learning institutes, while International Settlement and 15 other textbooks were awarded national excellent textbooks; Finance was given the first prize of national excellent textbooks published by presses affiliated to Chinese universities and named a key, high-quality textbook for undergraduates in colleges and universities in Beijing; three textbooks, including the History of Chinese Financial Thought, received the “Golden Sheep Award” of Chinese financial books; Monetary Banking and other 25 textbooks were selected as excellent textbooks in Beijing. The research results of the Ministry of Education’s project on Finance Discipline Educational and Teaching Reform and Development Strategy of China in the 21st century in charge of Wang Guangqian, etc. included ten core course materials of finance, which won the first prize of national teaching achievements; teachers wrote On FinTech and other two textbooks for new liberal art teaching and won such honors as key, a high-quality textbook for undergraduates in colleges and universities in Beijing; teachers of the School published more than 20 papers on the construction of textbooks and curriculum.

As the highest awards in the field of textbooks, the National Textbook Compilation and Improvement Awards act as an effective system to review and show the achievements of textbook construction in serving talent training for the Party and the country, enhance the sense of honor and responsibility of textbook workers, and promote the building of a textbook system with Chinese characteristics and up to the world level. The School of Finance will take this award as an opportunity to strengthen the textbook team further and high-quality textbooks, play the exemplary role of being an Advanced Group of Textbook Compilation and Improvement in China, devote ourselves to offering more high-quality and enlightening textbooks that nurture the root and soul and increase wisdom, and make better contributions to deepening the undergraduate teaching reform and improving the level of education.


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