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Six teaching achievements of our school won the 2021 Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award of the Central University of Finance and Economics

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On June 29, the Central University of Finance and Economics released the Notice on Announcing the 2021 Higher Learning Teaching Achievement Award Winners of the Central University of Finance and Economics. Six of our teaching achievements won the awards. Among them, three teaching achievements, including the Construction and Open and Shared Teaching Practice of Finance Course with Chinese Characteristics completed by Professor Li Jian’s team, the “Pyramidal” Quality Assurance Project of FinTech Double Training Program for Undergraduates under the Background of New Liberal Arts completed by Professor Shi Jianping’s team, and the Practice of a Virtual Cross-university Teaching and Research Platform in the Broad Sense under the BEST Model for Strengthening of “Five Forces” completed by Professor Li Jianjun’s team won the Grand Prize. The first prize went to the following two teaching achievements: the Reconstruction and Exploration of the Course “On Operations of Commercial Banks” Based on the “Foundation Theories, China’s National Conditions, Experimental and Practical Teaching” completed by Professor Chen Ying’s team, and the Improvement of the Special Experimental Course “Financial Statistical Analysis” under the Framework of Undergraduate Finance Curriculum Characterized by Extensive Learning and Solidified Foundation completed by the team of Associate Professor Zuo Yuxiu. The Reform and Practice of the Top-tier Interdisciplinary Financial Talent Training Model Oriented to Research and Innovation Ability completed by Professor Li Junfeng’s team obtained the second prize.

Professor Li Jian’s team introduced a curriculum construction and sharing model that integrates first-class courses, high-quality teaching materials, excellent educational reform practices, and first-rate educators focusing on topics of significance to the times. Based on the national strategies in the new era, Professor Shi Jianping’s team continued to explore the new mechanism of effective long-term collaboration for interdisciplinary training of high-caliber financial talents with expertise in science and technology and built a “pyramidal” quality assurance project of FinTech double training program for undergraduates under the background of new liberal arts. Professor Li Jianjun’s team gave full play to the exemplary and leading role of the Central University of Finance and Economics finance discipline and built a “virtual cross-university teaching and research platform in the broad sense” based on the fostering and strengthening of “Five Forces.” Professor Chen Ying’s team explored and built a framework of courses based on the trinity of “foundation theories, China’s national conditions, experimental and practical teaching,” based on years of experience teaching the course On Operations of Commercial Banks. Associate Professor Zuo Yuxiu’s team worked hard on improving the experimental course Financial Statistical Analysis and built a unique and advanced framework of teaching content for a specific experimental course. Being scientific research and innovation ability oriented, Professor Li Junfeng’s team endeavored to cultivate outstanding, versatile financial talents through integrating high-quality resources, deepening the tutor system, and integrating into the international frontier.

These teaching achievement awards crystallize and reflect the School of Finance’s long commitment to fostering character through education and advancing the innovation of educational and teaching reform. In the future, the School will bring the exemplary and leading role of these award-winning achievements into full play, further guide teachers to devote themselves to research and teaching, and continuously improve the teaching level under the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, to comprehensively enhance the quality of talent training.

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