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All Our Three Majors Rank Top Three in the 2021 Best Chinese Majors Ranking by Shanghai Ranking

Published:2021-06-24  Views:

On June 22, Shanghai Ranking, an institution specializing in higher learning, officially released its 2021 Best Chinese Majors Ranking. It lists the majors ranking top 2% or in the first two places nationwide as A+ majors. According to this standard, all three majors are selected as A+ ones and among the top three. Finance gets third place among the listed 201 universities with this major. In comparison, Financial Engineering and FinTech are ranked the second and the first among the listed 136 and nine universities with this significance, respectively.

Over recent years, the School of Finance has improved the disciplines and majors on offer based on the positioning of becoming first-class universities and offering first-class disciplines. We have prioritized educating the students, worked hard to improve quality, and made significant strides, gradually implementing a new system of financial disciplines “underpinned by Finance, supported by Financial Engineering and FinTech, and driven by Financial Security Engineering.” The two disciplines with the Chinese characteristics, namely Finance and Financial Engineering, have been selected as the construction points for national-level first-class undergraduate programs and the construction points for first-class disciplines for key construction among colleges and universities in Beijing. FinTech, studies in liberal arts, has developed a complete system for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degree programs. It was designated as a particular discipline for continuing education at colleges and universities in Beijing in 2019. The School of Finance strengthens the improvement of majors and disciplines. Six courses, including the Introduction to Internet Finance, was selected as one of the national-level first-class course for undergraduate students; the course Finance was named an ideological and political demonstration project of the Ministry of Education for courses; 12 courses rolled out on (MOOC) were taken by more than 1.6 million people accumulatively, forming a group of core courses on finance on MOOC; the textbook Chinese Finance was one of the earliest approved projects on economics textbooks in China, several textbooks obtained honors from provincial and ministerial or above levels, and a number of educational reform projects were approved by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipality; Professor Li Jian, Professor Li Jianjun and many other teachers were named reputable teachers at the national, provincial or ministerial level; the teachers team of Finance received such honorary titles as the National-level Teachers Team and the High-quality Team of Undergraduate Teachers at colleges and universities in Beijing.

In the future, the School of Finance will remain committed to the philosophy of “pursuing truth and excellence” and the fundamental task of “fostering character through education,” continue to explore the content of new financial education, actively serve the country’s major development strategies, make core competitiveness increasingly higher, and march toward becoming a world-class financial school with distinctive characteristics at an early date.


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