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School Dean Li Jianjun on Academic Visit to UK

Published:2020-03-02  Views:

On January 12-February 13, 2020, Prof. Li Jianjun, Dean of the School of Finance, paid an academic visit to Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK, during which he conducted the Study on Infrastructure Investments along the “Belt & Road”, a national social sciences project, with his partner Vincent Qi.

During his stay, Prof. Li communicated thoroughly with his partner over the research subject, and completed the research report - Study on Overseas Investments by Chinese Enterprises under the “Belt & Road” Initiative. This study systematically combs through the overseas investments made by Chinese enterprises since the initiative was proposed, analyzes investment constraints and the related risks, and empirically tests the performance of relevant investments. They also studied the prospects of China-UK cooperation in the areas of trade, investment and finance under the framework of the “Belt & Road” Initiative after Brexit, and analyzed the movements of sterling and the impact thereof on bilateral investment and financing. During his visit, Prof. Li also exchanged opinions with Prof. Ameli Nadia, Director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, over issues about green finance along the “Belt & Road”.

In the meantime, Prof. Li communicated with renowned experts and scholars of finance from Cambridge Judge Business School, Birmingham Business School and Alliance Manchester Business School, among others, over such research topics as financial technology, corporate governance, “Belt & Road” and sustainable development. They also discussed joint cultivation of graduate students and reached preliminary agreement on the arrangements for their short-term visits in the UK. Moreover, he also communicated with personnel from Wolfson College in charge of the undergraduate summer school program, in which our school cooperates with the latter, adjusted the settings of some courses, and further improved the course planning of the program.

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