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Research Center for Innovation and Cooperation in Rural Finance of China

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The Research Center for Innovation and Cooperation in Rural Finance of China, CUFE, launched in Nov. 2019, aims to establish an influential think tank to promote county-based economic and social development. The establishment of this center is attributable to the implementation of a rural revitalization strategy in China, and the disciplinary advantage and resource priority of School of Finance of CUFE which holds the National Key Discipline. By consolidating the different disciplines in CUFE such as Economics, Public Finance, Public Administration, Social Security, Education and Human Capital, and Rural Administration, this center will be able to closely cooperate with relative national ministries, other universities, local governments and enterprises. It will focus on extensive research into theories at home and abroad on rural development and rural finance, as well as analysis of classic cases. While actively enhancing the basic theoretical research, the center will provide information and data, knowledge administration, management consultation and service of decision reference to local governments, social associations and residents.


The center seeks to go into thorough research to be able to promote overall county economic and social development, starting from financial innovation. The research includes (but is not limited to): construction and perfection of county financial system, risk monitoring and prevention of county finance, construction and perfection of county financial ecology, county credit system, development and improvement of a cordiality-honored society with spiritual civilization, small and medium sized banks, management of rural commercial banks, construction of local financial agency and financial market, finance and rural management, finance and construction of modern agricultural system, development of rural education and human capital, rural civilization development, new urbanization, finance and new retail and new economy, finance and poverty reduction, finance and modernization of local governance system and governance capabilities.


The center includes an academic committee and a consultant committee to provide guidance to the research. The center director assumes overall responsibility for the general operation.


Director: Li Defeng



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