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Call for papers Conference on Financial technology and finance development in China

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The development of the economy is inseparable from thefinancial support, and the development of finance is inseparable from scienceand technology. Since the 21st century, while the Chinese financialindustry has developed rapidly, the science and technology that supports thedevelopment of the financial industry have also been changing with each passingday. It has been successfully introduced into the financial industry, which isnamed financial technology. The year of 2013 was called China's “first year ofinternet finance”. Traditional financial institutions, Internet technologycompanies, e-commerce platforms, and private lending companies have used theInternet, big data, and mobile communication technologies to innovate financialservice models, such as mobile payment, microfinance, online lending, andonline crowdfunding.     


This is a great window of opportunity for academics and practitioners tounite their ideas and efforts to take advantages of financial technology,reinvent many aspects of finance, and serve better the economic needs of oursocieties. The School of Finance in Central University of Finance and Economicsand Lingnan College in Sun Yat-sen University jointly hold a conference onfinancial technology and finance development in China. Participants are invitedto submit their individual papers for presentation. Both theoretical andapplied papers related to the theme of the conference as well as papers dealingwith the following topics are welcome.     


Potential topics may include but are not limited to:Financial technology, Application of machine learning in finance, Big Data,Financial modelling, Financial stability, Shadow banking, Chinese financialmarket, Chinese banking system, Corporate finance, Asset pricing.     


Publication opportunity:


Paperspresented at the conference will be considered for publication (subject todouble-blind reviewing process) in a special issue of Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, (SSCI)  


Conference organization Chair:


Xiaping(Jerry) Cao, Sun Yat-Sen University     


JianjunLi, Central University of Finance and Economics     


Conference committee:


JeremyGoh, Singapore Management University     


DonghuiLi, Shenzhen University     


YuchaoPeng, Central University of Finance and Economics     


Yukun(Stan) Shi, University of Glasgow     


Special Issue Guest Editor:


Xiaping(Jerry) Cao, Sun Yat-Sen University     


XianGu, Central University of Finance and Economics     


Paper Selection Process


Theselection process will involve two stages. In the first stage, participants areinvited to submit their full completed papers to Dr. Yuchao Peng at the deadline as indicated below and the conference committee will screenand evaluate all the submissions. In the second stage, authors of selectedpapers will be invited to submit their papers to the Pasfic-Basin Finance Journal to go through the journal’s reviewprocess. The registration fee for the conference is RMB 1, 500 yuan per person.     


Important Dates:


SubmissionDeadline: September 15, 2019     


DecisionNotification: October 10, 2019     


RegistrationDeadline: November 10, 2019     


Conference:December 8, 2019     


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