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Chen Yuzi

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Contact Information


ŸSchool of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, Shahe Advanced Education Park, Changping District, Beijing, 102206        




Research Area/Interests


ŸEmpirical corporate finance, Corporate Governance, Institutional Investors


Current Academic Position


ŸAug. 2019 - Present Assistant Professor. School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics




ŸInvestment and Portfolio Management (Undergraduate)            


ŸElectronic Finance (Undergraduate)            



ŸAug.2014- June. 2019        


Ph.D., Finance, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore      


ŸSep. 2012- Jun.2013      


M.Sc., Finance (with Distinction), School of Economics, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom      


ŸSep. 2011- Jun.2014      


M.A., International Business, School of Economics, Nankai University        


ŸSep. 2006- Jun.2010      


B.A., Economics, School of Economics, Nankai University        


Working Papers


ŸOwnership Structure, Antitakeover Provisions, and the Cost of Bank Debt (with Jun-Koo Kang, Jungmin Kim, and Hyun Seung Na), Presented at


The City University of Hong Kong      


Nanyang Business School        


Korea University (Seoul)        


Yonsei University (Seoul)        


ŸDoes Experience Matter for Hedge Fund Managers? Effects of Industry Expertise on Hedge Fund Activism (withIvan E. Brick, Jun-Koo Kang and Jin-Mo Kim), Presented at


Temple University        


The City University of New York (Baruch College)        


Nanyang Business School        


Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management, Rutgers University, New Jersey, 2018        


Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, Seoul, 2018        


Conference on FMA Applied Finance Conference, New York, 2020        


ŸSpillover Effect in Corporate Governance: Evidence from Passing Proposals Related to Removing Antitakeover Provision


Work in Progress


Ÿ  Institutional Bond Trading on Loan Market Information          


Ÿ  Institutional investor and innovation          


Ÿ  Option Trading and Price Discovery          




Ÿ  Graduate Research Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University, 2014-2018        


Ÿ  Student Travel Grant, American Finance Association Annual Meeting (AFA), 2018      


Ÿ  Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship, Nankai University, 2007, 2008, 2009      


Academic Presentations


Ÿ  Nanyang Business School-Singapore Management University Joint Seminars, 2018 (Scheduled)        


Ÿ  Brown Bag Seminars, Nanyang Business School, 2018      


Ÿ  Ph.D. Summer Paper Seminars, Nanyang Business School, 2016        


Academic Activities


Ad-hoc referee


ŸPacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2018      




ŸAmerican Finance Association      


ŸFinancial Management Association      


ŸWestern Finance Association


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