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Shang Youguang

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Contact Information


ŸSchool of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 College South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081    


ŸPhone: +8610 62289466  




Research Area/Interests


ŸInvestment, Banking, Financial risk management  


Current Academic Position


ŸFeb. 2002-Present   Associate Professor. School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics




ŸInvestment, Financial markets, Financial risk management    



ŸSep. 2006- Jun.2012  


Ph.D. in Mathematics, School of Mathematical Science, Dalian University of Technology    


ŸJun. 1999- Jun.2001  


M.A. in Financial management, Faculty of Business and Law, Central Queensland University                                        


ŸSep. 1983- Jun.1988  


B.S. in Mathematics, School of Mathematics, Liaoning Normal University                                        


Previous Academic/working Experience


ŸJan. 1990 - Nov.1998  Credit Officer, Credit Management Department, Fushun Branch, ICBC    

ŸSep. 1988- Jan.1990   Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Fushun Normal College  


Published Papers    


ŸShang Youguang, Yuan Xuehai, E.Stanley Lee, “The n-dimensional fuzzy sets and Zadeh fuzzy sets based on the finite valued fuzzy sets”, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2010,60: 442-463.    


ŸShang Youguang and Yuan Xuehai, “The category NFuz of the n-dimensional fuzzy sets”, Advances in Fuzzy Sets and Systems,Vol.6, No.2, 2010:169-179.  


Published Books    


ŸLi Enyuan and Shang Youguang, “Econometrics”, Harbin Institute of Technology Press, 2007.  


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