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Wang Tingting

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Contact Information


ŸSchool of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 College South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081      




Research Area/Interests


ŸCapital Market and Corporate Finance, SME Finance    


Current Academic Position


ŸSept. 2006-Present   Associate Professor. School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics


ŸJul. 2019-Present   Deputy Director of the Institute of Securities and Futures, CUFE  




ŸCorporate Finance (Undergraduate)    


ŸAdvanced Corporate Finance (Postgraduate, International Students)    


ŸInvestment (Postgraduate, International Students)    


ŸFinancial Market and Financial Institutions (MBA)    



ŸSept. 1999- Jun.2004  


Ph.D. in Economics, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University  Supervisor: Prof. Li Liu  


ŸSept. 1995- Jun.1999  


B.A. in Economics, School of Finance, Renmin University                                        


Previous Academic/working Experience


ŸMar. 2008- Feb.2009   Visiting Faculty/ Visiting Researcher    

Business School, Michigan State University  


Published Papers    


ŸLi Ruiqin, Wang Tingting, Hu Cui. FDI and the Export Quality Upgrading:Evidence from the Chinese Manufacturing Firms, Journal of Financial Research (in Chinese), 2018(6).  


ŸWang Tingting and Li Hemei. A Dynamic Study of Earnings Management from the Perspective of Corporate Life Cycle. Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics(in Chinese), 2018(1)  


ŸWang Tingting, Shi Qiuyuan Zhang Manchun. Research on the Debt Maturity Structure of SMEs: An Perspective of Life Cycle. Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics(in Chinese), 2015(5)  


ŸLi Junfeng , Wang Tingting and Zhang Taiyuan. Large Shareholders Shareholding Increase :Announcement Effects and Motivation Dynamics, Social Sciences in China(in Chinese), 2011(4)  


ŸWang Tingting. Insider Selling :Liquidity Needs or Signaling ? Evidence from CITIC Securities, Economic Management Journal (in Chinese), 2009(7).  


ŸWang Tingting. Financing Behavior under Dual Ownership Structure. Economics Science (in Chinese), 2005(5)  


Published Books    


ŸWang Tingting, Research on the Value of Liquidity Power from the Perspective of Dual Ownership Structure, Beijing: Economic Science Press (in Chinese), 2006.  


ŸWang Tingting, Du Huifen and Chang Yuan, Development of the NEEQ Market: A Normative Perspective, Beijing: China Economic Publishing House (in Chinese), 2018.  


ŸWang Tingting, Du Huifen and Ji Xianhua, Research on the Development of China’s Securities Market, Beijing: China Economic Publishing House (in Chinese), 2018.  


ŸDu Huifen and WangTingting, Corporate Finance(Third Edition), Dalian: NUFE Press (in Chinese), 2019.  


Research Projects        

Ÿ2012-2013, in charge of the project “Insider Trading and the Information Transferring Mechanism”, funded by MOE, China.    




ŸBeijing Excellent Communist Party Member, 2017, awarded by Beijing Education Committee  



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