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Zhang Biqiong

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Doctor, Professor, Doctoral Tutor

The head of department of International Finance

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1. Education:

• 2000-2001, researched and studied in Cardiff University in UK

• 1998, received doctor degree of international trade in Graduate school of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

2. Work experience

• 1998-present professor in school of finance in Central University of Finance and Economics, The head of department of International Finance

• 1995-1998, associate professor in the department of international trade in Hunan University of Finance and Economics

3. Courses

International Financial Management, International Financial Marketing, International Economics

4. Research Interest

• International capital movement and financial risk control

• The research on globalization of RMB exchange rate

• The analysis of international financial market based on econometric models

5. Research experience

• Leaded the research programs financed by the National Social Science Fund, “the effect caused by international capital movement on the word economical structure” 07/2002 –07/2004

• Leaded the China-Europe Advanced Education program called “the comparison research between EU and China on international capital movement and financial regulation” 10/2000-09/2001

• Leaded the important program in 9th five-year-plan of the Ministry of Finance called “the research on international capital expansion and financial regulation” 1999-2000

6. Major published papers

• The international capital movement and spanning consumption structure: based on the spanning trade models in China and USA, International Financial Research, Apr.2004

•The Structural Disequilibrium and Solutions for Chinese service trade in opening conditions International Financial Research, Nov.2006

•The globalization of Chinese stock markets based on Egarch model, International Financial Research May.2005

•The asymmetric effect of Chinese capital regulation, Chinese trade forum, Jun.2004

•Volatility and Volume in Chinese Stock Markets, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Vol. 1, Number 3, 287-300, September 2003(with Laurence R. Copeland(UK) ,

•the exchange of RMB in current account: the choice of opening foreign exchange control system Financial Economy, the 3rd Issue, 1997

• the research on economies of scale of Chinese foreign trade enterprise , World Economy Research, the 5th Issue 1997

• the research on commodity rule and contract rule of futures, Financial Theory and Practice, the 2nd Issue, 1995

7. Major Publications

• proofreading: regulations for banks in developing financial markets, China's Financial and Economic Press, 2001.1

• chief editor: modern economics, China Statistical Publishing House, 2000.9

• monograph: International capital movement and advantages in external price competitiveness. China Development Publishing Ltd. 1999.10

• proofreading: the words of Paul Krugman: the information behind the lost in economy of USA, Mechanic industry Press, 2008.11

• compile: The international financial management, China Financial Publishing House, 2007.9

econometric model econometric model

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