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Our School’s FinTech Major Selected as One of the Construction Points for Beijing Municipal-level First-Class Undergraduate Programs 2021

Published:2022-06-25  Views:

The General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued the Circular on Announcing the List of Construction Points for National- and Provincial-Level First-Class Undergraduate Programs for 2021 (Jiao Gao Ting Han [2022] No. 14). Our schools FinTech discipline was selected as one of the construction points for first-class disciplines among colleges and universities in Beijing. It was the only one among 85 FinTech disciplines of Chinese higher learning institutes which appears on the provincial-level list. Earlier, another two majors of our school, the Finance and Financial Engineering, were included in the national-level list.

The FinTech Major of our school was formerly known as the Finance (Internet Finance Specialisation) under the Joint Training Scheme of Beijing Municipality, launched in 2015. In 2016, it developed into the Finance (Finance and Regulation Technology Specialisation). Our school later opened the Experimental Class of FinTech in 2017, and was entitled to enroll undergraduates and postgraduates in the same year. In 2018, our school was approved to offer a bachelor's degree program in FinTech and began to enroll students from the next year. In 2019, our school was permitted to recruit students for FinTech doctorate. A complete FinTech education system comprising bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees was thus put into place. In 2022, the Virtual Teaching and Research Office of FinTech Major was approved by the Ministry of Education to be one of the first group of virtual teaching and research offices for pilot development, and designated as one of the four pilot units for national virtual teaching and research offices in finance. Our FinTech major was rated A+ and ranked the highest nationwide for two straight years on the "Best Chinese Majors Ranking" by ShanghaiRanking.

Based on the demand of the national development strategy in the new era for FinTech talents, our school's FinTech discipline takes fostering character through education as its fundamental task, and commits itself to training excellent and interdisciplinary financial talents who have a global vision and are socially responsible, systematically mastering economics, finance and modern technological skills, being familiar with the application of IT, data science and AI technologies, and being capable of innovating in practices.

The School of Finance has long attached great importance to undergraduate education and teaching. We will use this as an opportunity to further improve program building and planning, to continuously boost the professional level of the program, to enhance the quality of talent cultivation, with a desire to become a world-class program with Chinese characteristics as early as possible and to further strengthen the "system of financial disciplines underpinned by Finance, supported by Financial Engineering and FinTech, and driven by Financial Security Engineering".



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