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Prof. Gou Qin Visits the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition

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On November 17-December 12, 2019, our school’s Prof. Gou Qin paid an academic visit to the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT). During her visit, Prof. Gou was invited to engage in academic exchanges and collaborative research. She had in-depth academic exchanges with BOFIT scholars, widened the area of collaborative research and made one academic report.

Moreover, she attended five internal workshops of BOFIT, which discussed topics such as the selection of exchange rate regime, management of provisions for expected losses of banks, and publication of international high-level papers. On December 2, she attended an academic conference called “DataDriven Stability: Opportunities and Challenges in Big Data” organized by the Bank of Finland, exchanging ideas over issues such as big data and financial stability, big data and regulation of cross-border capital flows, big data and the development of financial technology, and cultivation of financial technology talents. During her visit, she also improved her research on the incentive and restraint mechanism and credit risk management of banks, and held an academic lecture regarding this latest research result on December 3.


In the meantime, Prof. Gou had in-depth academic exchanges with researchers at BOFIT, and both sides agreed on further collaborative research. She exchanged ideas with BOFIT researchers Heli Simola and Francesco Pappadà over issues about capital flow management and got a lot of inspirations; conducted collaborative research on the effect of banks’ incentive and restraint mechanism on employment with senior researcher Mikko Makinen, which already yielded preliminary results; and reached preliminary agreement with senior researcher Zuzana Fungacova on carrying out collaborative research on issues about China’s banking industry.  

Prof. Gou’s visit promoted exchanges and cooperation between our school and the Bank of Finland, and achieved complete success.

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