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At present, SF has 45 full-time teachers, including 18 professors, 18 associate professors and 9 lecturers. SF has always attached great importance to the development of its faculty. The last century saw the presence of a high-quality teaching team, represented by such eminent professors as Liu Guangdi, Yu Tianyi, Zhang Wenyu and Wang Peizhen, who made great contributions to the development of the Department of Finance, the predecessor of SF. Recent years have witnessed the formation of an excellent faculty led by Professor Wang Guangqian. Of the current professors, two have become members of the "New Century National ‘Millions of Talents’ Project"; one received the title of “Nationally Renowned Teacher” of higher education institutions; six have been awarded the “Special Governmental Allowance of the State Council”; two are lecture professor of the “Cheung Kong Scholars”; five secured entry into the “Program for New Century exemplary Talents” from the Ministry of Education; and three have been designated as “Trans-Century Academic trendsetter” by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, SF has built a National exemplary Teaching Team made up mostly of teachers from the Department of Finance. To further benefit students, SF has employed a number of national and international economists, scholars and experts as honorary professors or lecture professors, includingJoseph Stiglitz, Ronald McKinnon, John Williamson, Wing Thye Woo, Barry Eichengreen, Dan Xiaolong, Wu Xiaoling, Wu Nianlu and Li Yang.