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    SF teachers have undertaken various research projects each year and secured numerous scientific achievements. The past five years has seen more than 60 research projects assigned to the school faculty, including: Major Research Project of the Philosophy and Society Division ofMinistry of Education, Project of the Natural Science Fund of China, Project of the Philosophy and Social Science Fund of China, Planning Project of Humanities and Social Science Fund of Ministry of Education, the Fok Ying Tung Fund Project. In addition, the teachers have taken on many projects funded by the China National Democratic Construction Association, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, Bank of Communications, Beijing Bank and other governmental authorities and financial institutions. The teachers have published more than 1,000 papers in national and international journals and for conferences and over 140 monographs, translations, teaching materials and reference books, etc. Many of these have had great social impact.
    SF has organized, either independently or in cooperation with other domestic or overseas academic institutions, a number of important events, namely: "21st Century Senior Seminar on Reform of Financial Education" (2001, Xining); "International Seminar on the RMB Exchange Rate" (2003, Beijing); "Reform of Exchange Rate Regime: International Experience and China’s Choice" (2004 , Beijing); "Senior Seminar on the Macroeconomic Situation and Capital Market Development on the Tenth Anniversary of the Institute Securities and Futures" (2004, Beijing); "2005 Summit Forum on Cross-Strait Finance" (2005, Beijing); "Adjustment of Global Imbalance: Macroeconomic Policy and Institution Reform " (2006, Beijing); "The Global Financial Crisis and the Reform of the Financial Regulatory Framework" (2009, Beijing); "The First, Second and Third Asia-Pacific Forum on Economics and Finance " (2007, 2008, 2009, Beijing); "Regional Financial and Regulatory Cooperation: a Chinese-European Dialogue" (2010, Beijing), and so on.
    In order to motivate students, SF regularly arranges for much lauded lectures by well-known overseas and domestic experts and scholars in the form of “Lectures by Celebrities of Economics and Finance”, “Academic Forum” and “Biweekly Academic Forum”, etc. So far, the “Lectures by Celebrities of Economics and Finance” program has witnessed speeches by Joseph E. Stiglitz (a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics), John Williamson, Ronald I. McKinnon, Jason Winfrey Sachs, Barry Eichengreen, Wing Thye Woo, Dai Xianglong, Wu Xiaoling, Wu Nianlu, Li Yang and more.