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        Hosted by School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), co-organized by “China and the World Economy” (SSCI journal), Center for International Finance Study at CUFE, Keio University at Japan, the fourth Asia-Pacific Forum of Economics and Finance announces a call for papers. This forum will be held at Dec. 13 – 14, 2010, Beijing, China.
1.     Background of the Forum
        Initiated and hosted by School of Finance at CUFE since Sept. 2007, several universities and research institutions from US, Australia and Japan have been co-organizing this annual event, aiming at high-end academic and policy discussions. The forum has been successfully held at School of Finance at Sept. 2007, Nov. 2008 and Dec. 2009 respectively under the themes of “The Opening and Corporate Governance of Chinese Banking Industry”, “The Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Financial Reform”, and “New Challenges of Global Economy during Post-crisis Period”.
        WU Xiaoling (Associate Director of the Finance and Economics Committee of National People’s Congress), ZHU Min (Special Advisor of IMF), MA Jiantang (Chief of National Statistics Bureau), Ronald McKinnon (Stanford University), Geoff Raby (Australian Ambassador in China), WANG Guangqian (President of CUFE), Wing Thye Woo(UC Davis) were invited for keynote speeches. The participants of this forum come from over 30 research institutions including CASS, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, and Wuhan University. The main media such as finance.sina.com.cn, finance.163.com, online academic conference of Ministry of Education, Financial Times, CBN Daily report this annual event all-around.
        In 2010, growth of global economy slows down after an unexpected rebound. The sustainability of economic recovery is threatened. The large-scale of monetary and fiscal expansion at US, Japan, Europe increase sovereign debt burden significantly.  China’s local government debt, capital inflows, overheating and different paces of exit strategy at emerging markets all become serious problems. In contrast to short-run economic stimulus packages, long-run structural and financial reforms are necessitated for sustainable economic growth.
In order to encourage policy discussions and interactions among Chinese and foreign researchers as well as policy makers, School of Finance at CUFE together with the Center for International Finance Study, “China and World Economy”, Keio University organize this fourth Asia-Pacific Forum of Economics and Finance at Dec. 13 – 14, 2010. The theme of this forum is “Economic Recovery, Structural Reform and Institutional Innovation”.
2.     Tentative List of Keynote Speakers (in alphabetical order)
Athukorala, Premachandra,Professor of economics at Australian National University
Eichengreen, Barry, Professor at UC Berkeley, “Yangzi Scholar” lecture professor at School of Finance, CUFE (Confirmed)
        HUANG Yiping, Professor at CCER, Peking University
        Park, Yung Chul, former economic advisor of Korean president, Professor of economics at Korea University
Woo, Wing Thye, Professor at UC Davis, “Yangzi Scholar” lecture professor at School of Finance, CUFE
WU Xiaoling, Associate Director of the Finance and Economics Committee of National People’s Congress
WU Xiaoqiu, Director of Research Institute of Finance and Security at RUC, Professor of Economics
YANG Zaiping, Associate President of China Banking Association
Yoshino, Naoyuki, Professor of economics at Keio Univesity
YU Yongding, member of academia sinica, CASS, research fellow of Institute of World Economy and Politics, CASS
XIAO Geng, Director of East-Asia Division, Global Center, Columbia University
ZHANG Jianhua, Director of Research Bureau of PBoC
ZHONG Wei, Director of Center for Financial Research, BNU, Professor of economics
3.     Main Topics
1)The sustainability of global economic recovery
2)Sovereign debt risk and its implications
3)G20 summit and cooperation of global economic policy
4)Exchange rates, capital flows and prices of bulk commodity
5)International monetary and financial regulatory system reform
6)China’s economic and financial situation and adjustment
7)Financial innovation and the new trend of China’s financial reform
8)Corporate governance and risk management of financial institutions
9)Corporate finance, asset pricing and financial market development
10)Policy measures for low-carbon economic development and carbon finance
11)Climate changes and its impacts on industrial structure and economic growth models
12)Other related topics
4.     Paper Formats and Submission
The papers submitted shall be unpublished, either in English or Chinese. Please follow formal academic journal format. For easier editing, we accept only WORD files with “author name + title” as file names.
The deadline for submission is Nov. 1, 2010. Please email your full papers to forum.asiapacific@gmail.com. The conference organizing committee will send out acceptance letters before Nov. 10, 2010. We will select some of the papers and publish a conference volume.
5.      Contacts:
Dr. Li: +86-136-11176626
Dr. Tan: +86-136-71396780
School of Finance
Central University of Finance and Economics
The Organizing Committee of the 4th Asia-Pacific Forum of Economics and Finance