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Overseas Exchange and Cooperation

    SF boasts an extensive system of overseas cooperation. In the past decade, SF has established cooperative relationships of different levels and forms with many higher education institutes and research bodies in the USA, Germany, Britain, Australia, Holland, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Teachers at SF have participated in many international exchanges, taking part in international academic conferences and joint research and lecturing and studying overseas. SF has signed cooperation agreements with Tilburg University in Holland, Durham University in the United Kingdom and Monash University in Australia for joint education of post-graduate/PH.D students as well as joint research.

    In 2004, SF started the undergraduate program of International Trade and Financial Risk Management with the Business School of Victoria University, Australia, under the approval of Ministry of Education, China. The program aims at cultivating students with a distinct, competitive edge, who are expected to have, upon graduation, an international horizon; sufficient knowledge of international trade theory, policy and practice; and a strong understanding of the theory and techniques of financial risk management. Benefiting from excellent educational resources concerning essential disciplines from overseas and domestic parties, the graduates of this program have been widely recognized for their distinctive advantages in the job market, application for further overseas study and overseas career development.

    To meet the increasing demand for overseas studies and aid students with good educational resources abroad, SF signed the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Credits with several overseas counterparts in 2010 and began to offer “3+2” programs and foundation programs for overseas study.