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Dong Bingbing

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School of Finance

Central University of Finance and Economics

39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081


Assistant Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) Sept 2015 -


Ph.D., Economics, University of Virginia May 2015

Dissertation: Asset Pricing, Monetary Policies, and the Zero Lower Bound

Advisers: Eric Young, Christopher Otrok, Toshihiko Mukoyama

M.A., Economics, University of Virginia May 2010

M.A., Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University June 2008

Adviser: Zhixiong Zeng

B.A. , Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics June 2004


Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Fintech, Computational Economics


Forward Guidance and Credible Monetary Policy (Job Market Paper)

Asset Pricing and Monetary Policy

The Conduct of Monetary Policy and the Zero Lower Bound

Real vs Nominal Bonds - Analyzing the Implications of Debt Denomination, with Eric Young

Liquidity in Cryptocurrency Market and Commonalities across Anomalies, with Lei Jiang, Xiaoyu Liu, Yifeng Zhu

Collateral Constraint, Credit Allocation and the Leverages in China, with Huilun Xu (in Chinese), submitted to Economic Research

Consumption Behavior and Financial Status in Urban China - Based on CHFS Dataset, with Tao Jiang, Yuan Zhang (in Chinese), submitted to World Economy


GDP-indexed Long-term Bonds, with Leo Martinez and Juan Carlos Hatchondo

Debt Management at the Zero Lower Bound

Asset Pricing and Time-consistent Monetary Policies

Monetary Policies During and After the Great Recession: An IS-LM Framework Analysis

Fiscal Crowding out in China, with Huilun Xu

Monetary Policy and Structural Deleveraging in China, With Huilun Xu and Xiaofen Tan


2018: The 7th Academic Research Syposium of National School of Development Alumni, The 18th Young Economists Conference (RUC), School of Finance at CUFE, “One Belt One Road” Academic Conference (CUFE), The 15th China Finance Annual Conference (Jinan University)

2017: China Meeting of Econometric Society (Wuhan), NSD at PKU

2016: AEA/ASSA Annual Meeting (San Francisco), School of Economics at CUFE, China Meeting of Econometric Society (Chengdu), Asia Meeting of Econometric Society (Kyoto), Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), The 9th Biennial Conference of Hong Kong Economic Association (Hong Kong), Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics

2015: Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Conference (Taipei), Royal Economic Society Conference, EEA Annual Conference at New York, Bi-weekly Seminar at School of Finance of CUFE, Macro Workshop at National School of Development of Peking University

2014: Annual Meetings of Society for Economics Dynamics, Midwest Macro Meetings (Spring and Fall), University of Virginia Macroeconomics Workshop

2013: Royal Economic Society Conference, Tsinghua Macroeconomics Workshop for Young Economists, WEA 2013 Pacific Rim Conference at Tokyo, International Atlantic Economic Conference

2012: Midwest Macro Meetings, Chicago-Argonne Initiative for Computational Economics Workshop


Instructor, CUFE

Finance, International Banking, Monetary Policies during and after Financial Crisis, Advanced Macroeconomics (PhD)

Lecturer, CUFE

An Introduction to Research Frontiers of Monetary Policy

Instructor, University of Virginia

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Teaching Assistant, University of Virginia

Microeconomics and Intermediate Micro, International Macroeconomics, The Theory of Financial Markets, Econometric Methods

REFEREE Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (5), Study Times (1) (in Chinese)

Additional Information

Computation Skills: Fortran, Matlab, Dynare, Stata, Parallel Computation, R, Knitr

updated: October 2018

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