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You Wuyue

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Contact Information


Address: School of Finance, Central University of Finance and EconomicsHaidian District, Beijing, 100081        




Academic Position


07/2017-present   School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing        






09/2011- 06/2017  National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing        


Ph.D of Economics


Advisers: Yang Yao & Dingding Wang        


09/2014-06/2015  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA        


Visiting Student        


09/2007-07/2011  Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing        


Bachelor of Finance        


Research Interests


Political Economics,        


Economic History,        


Development Economics.        




Women’s Political Participation and Gender Gaps of Education in China: 1950-1990 (With Yang Yao) World Development 106 (2018): 220-237.       


“Endogenous Institutions and Economic Growth: An Empirical Study of Economic Performance at the County Level in the Hebei Province in 1952-1998”(In Chinese) Mainland China Studies 62(2019) no.2 :1-39 (With Feiyue Li, Dong Zhang, and Mingxing Liu)                


DOI: 10.30389/MCS.201906_62(2).0001


“Rethinking Regional Differences in Industrial Transformation in Jiangsu Province, 1952-2003” (In Chinese) Twenty-First Century, 2019, no.174: 48-66 &no.175: 106-119 (With Feiyue Li, Qi Zhang, and Mingxing Liu)            


“Women's Political Status and Sex Ratio at Birth: an Empirical Study Based on County-Level Data from 1950 to 2000” (In Chinese) Social Sciences in China, 2020, no. 4 (with Yang Yao)            


Working Papers


“Short-term Gains, Long-term Loss: Unintended Effects of China's Land Reform on Education and Labor Market Outcomes” (With Zhi’an Hu, and Chuanchuan Zhang)


“Local Political Power and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Education Development in Jiangsu in 1966-1998” (In Chinese) (With Qi Zhang, Dong Zhang and Mingxing Liu)  

Teaching Experience


Financial History of China (Undergraduate), Central University of Finance and Economics, Fall 2017-Now        


Finance (Undergraduate), Central University of Finance and Economics, Fall 2019        


New Political Economics (Graduate), Peking University, Fall 2012(TA)        


History of Economic Thoughts (Graduate), Peking University, Spring 2013(TA)        


Behavioral Economics (Undergraduate), Peking University, Fall 2013(TA)        



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