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Peng Yuchao

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Contact Information


Ÿ School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 College South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081


Ÿ Email: /


Research Area/Interests


Ÿ Finance and Real Economy, Monetary Policy


Current Academic Position


Ÿ Dec. 2019- Present  Associate Professor. School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics


Ÿ Jul. 2017-Present   Executive director of Silk Road Financial Research Center (AIIB Research Center) of Central University of Finance and Economics




Ÿ Big Data and Finance (Undergraduate),


Ÿ Induction to Finance (Undergraduate)


Ÿ Method in Economics and Finance (Postgraduate)



Ÿ Sep. 2016- Jun.2018


Postdoc, School of Finance, Renmin University of China


Ÿ Sep. 2013- Jun.2016


Ph.D. in Finance, School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics


Ÿ Oct. 2008- Aug.2010


M.A. in Management, Rouen Business School


Ÿ Sep. 2005- Jun.2009


B.A. in Management, School of economics and management, Wuhan University


Previous Academic/working Experience


Ÿ Oct. 2014- Mar.2015   Visiting Scholar  

Durham University Business School


Published Papers [in English]


Ÿ   Yuchao Peng, 2020. Spillover Effects of Capital Controls on Capital Flows and Financial Risk Contagion. Journal of International Money and Finance, 105, 102189 (with Haichao Fan, Qin Gou, and Wenjing Xie)


Ÿ   Yuchao Peng, 2020. Foreign Bank Entry, State Ownership, and Corporate Innovation. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, online publication (with Leilei Gu, Xiaoran Ni, and Huilin Zhang)


Ÿ   Yuchao Peng, 2019. Corporate financial asset holdings under economic policy uncertainty: Precautionary saving or speculating? International Review of Economics and Finance, online publication(with Jialin Huang, and Yu Luo )


Ÿ   Yuchao Peng, 2019. FDI, Institutional Quality and Financial Development along the Belt and Road Countries: An Empirical Investigation. Emergent Market Finance and Trade, 55(14), 3275-3294 (with Abuduwali Aibai, Xianjing Huang, and Yu Luo )


Ÿ   Yuchao Peng, 2018. Financial Asset Allocations and R&D Activities: Evidence from China’s Listed Companies, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. Emergent Market Finance and Trade, 55(3), 531-544 (with Guanchun Liu, Jun Zhang, Huihang Wu)


Selected Published Papers [in Chinese]


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Yi Fang, “Structural Monetary Policy, Industrial Structure Upgrade and Economic Stability” Economic Research Journal, 2016(7).


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Xiaoran Ni, Ji Shen, “The Effect of Transforming the Economy from Substantial to Fictitiouson Financial Market Stability: An Analysis on Stock Price Crash Risk” Economic Research Journal, 2018(10).


Ÿ Jianjun Li, Yuchao Peng*, Sichao Ma, “Inclusive Finance and China's Economic Development: Multi-dimensional Intension and Empirical Analysis” Economic Research Journal ,2020(4).


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Lili Yan, Yi Fang, “Economic Minimum Guarantee and Unconventional Fiscal Policy -- Based on the Analysis of Non-linear DSGE Model” China Economic Quarterly, April 2020.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Zhigang Huang, “The Cause and Rectification of Economic “Shifting from Real to Fictitious”: Understanding Institutional Reform in the Financial Sector Based on the 19th CPC National Congress Report” The Journal of World Economy, September 2018.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Shan He, “Asset Management Regulation, Shadow Banking and High-quality Economic Growth” The Journal of World Economy, 2020(1).


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, “Financial Structure and Economic Growth from the Perspective of Financial Function View: International Evidence during 1989~2011” Journal of Financial Research, January 2015.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Jingxian Huang, Ji Shen, “Real Estate Investment and Financial Efficiency: Regional Variation in Shifting Financial Resouces from Real to Fictitious Sector” Journal of Financial Research, August 2018.


Ÿ Yao Wang, Dongyang Pan, Yuchao Peng, Xi Liang, “China’s Incentive Policies for Green Loans: A DSGE Approach” Journal of Financial Research, November 2019.


Ÿ Yumei Guo, Ze Dai, Yuchao Peng, “Research on the Efficiency of China’s Monetary Policy Interest Rate Transmission: 2008-2017” Journal of Financial Research, December 2018.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Xun Han, Jianjun Li, “Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Financialization” China Industrial Economics, January 2018.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Leilei Gu, “META Regression Analysis in Economics” Economics Dynamics, February 2014.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, “On the Logic of Financial Capital in Modern Economy” Teaching and Research, December 2017.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Yinghui Zhu, Leilei Gu, “The Structural Effect of Financial Development on Economic Growth: A META Analysis” Nankai Economic Studies, October 2017.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Daimin Liu, Leilei Gu, “Can Tax Cuts Curtail Corporate Financialization?--Evidence from Listed Companies” Taxation Research, August 2017.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, Dandan Peng, “Relative Profitability of Finance Industry and Economic Growth——International Evidence during 1986—2014” Studies of International Finance, August 2018.


Ÿ Shan He, Yuchao Peng, “Bank Leverage and Economic Growth” Studies of International Finance, December 2019.


Ÿ Leilei Gu, Jianjun Li, Yuchao Peng*, “Financing Conditions, Financing Constraints and Firm Performance: New Evidence from Enterprise Survey in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region” Economic Theory and Business Management, August 2018.


Ÿ Leilei Gu, Guoqing Gu, Yuchao Peng, “Financial Constraints, Marketing Capability and Corporate Investment” Business Review, August 2018.


Ÿ Sichao Ma, Yuchao Peng, “Improvement of Banking Supervision and Enterprises’ “Industrialization and Definancialization”: The Evidence From Listed Companies from 2006 to 2015” Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics, November 2019.


Published Books


ŸYuchao Peng, On Financial Capital in Modern Market Economy——Analysis Based on Capital Return Rate of Financial Sector, Beijing: China Financial Publishing House, 2018.


Ÿ Yuchao Peng, “Structural Features of Laos ’Financial Development and Cooperation with China”, Structural features in the financial development of the ten ASEAN countries(Jian Li, Zhigang Huang, Bingbing Dong), Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2017.


ŸWei Dai, Yuchao Peng, “Fintech's development and latest developments”, Learn about China's financial economy: accelerating mobile payments and internationalizing RMB. [in Japanese]


Research Projects  


Ÿ 2019, host the project “Research on the Effectiveness of China's Monetary Policy Based on Enterprise's Unrealistic to Virtual Behavior”, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Project.


Ÿ 2016, host the project “Research on the Causes and Countermeasures of the Deviation of the Financial Sector from the Real Economy”, funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, the First Batch of the 60th General Project.




Ÿ Outstanding Paper Award of the 16th International Conference on Financial System Engineering and Risk Management


Ÿ The First Prize in the Academic Category of the 9th China Financial Education Forum


Ÿ Special Award in the Teaching Category of the 10th China Financial Education Forum


Social Service/ Activities


Ÿ Member of National Financial Youth Federation


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