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Huang Weiyu

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• Sep.1982-Jul.1986, department of economics in Beijing Normal University, received bachelor of economics

• Sep.1986-Jul.1989, department of word economy and politics, Graduate school of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, received master of economics

• Sep.2003 school of finance, studying for a doctoral degree

2. Work Experience:

•Sep.1989-1999, worked as teacher in Central University of Finance and Economics, during this period from Sep.1992-Sep.1993, temporarily transferred to Finance Accounting Division of Ministry of Finance, worked as a translator in accounting standard group

• 2000-present vice chairman of department of international finance in Central University of Finance and Economics

3. Courses

International Economics, International Finance, Financial Marketing, International Trade, Western Economics, Professional English

4. Research situation

general principles of economics, theoretical and realistic issues in international finance and international trade.

5. Research Achievements

Took part in compiling the books called “the knowledge for share economy”, ”the principles of political economy”, ”statistics”.

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