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Wei Xu

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Associate Professor

School of Finance

Phone: (86)151-0112-1864

Central University of Finance and Economics


No 39, Haidian South Road, Beijing, China


Ph.D in Finance 2008.09-2013.06

School of National Development, Peking University, China;

Visiting Scholar 2011.09-2012.06

Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University, USA;

B.A in Mathematical Economics and B.S in Mathematics 2004.09-2008.06

Institute for Advanced Study, Wuhan University, China


Undergraduate Level: Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Investments

Graduate Level: Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Corporate Finance


Corporate Finance Theory, Behavioral Finance Theory, Financial Regulation


“Regulation, Innovation, and Firm Selection: The Porter Hypothesis under Monopolistic Competition” (2017), with Mohan Zhou and Larry Qiu, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, forthcoming.

“The Impacts of Net Stable Funding Ratio Requirement on Banks’ Choices of Debt Maturity” (2017), with Yaxian Gong and Ho-Mou Wu, Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 82, 229-243.

“SOE Preference and Credit Misallocation: A Model and Some Evidence from China” (2016), with Yongwei Chen, Mohan Zhou and Yi Zhou, Economics Letters, Vol. 138(1): 38-41.

“Investors' Heterogeneity, Auditor Choice and Information Signaling: A Theoretical Model and Policy Implications” (2015), with Xiao Xiao and Yi Zhou, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 34(3): 113-138.

“Optimal Tranching with Diverse Beliefs” (2014), with Guixia Guo and Frank Yong Wang, Economics Letters, 124(2): 222-226.


Asymmetric information optimal debt maturity (with Ho-Mou Wu and Zhen Zhou), presented at 2016 China International Conference in Finance, Xiamen, P.R. China, 2016, 07.07-07.10.

Fair Value Accounting, Capital Requirement and Debt Maturity Structure: A New Approach (with Xiao Xiao and Yi Zhou), presented at 2013 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA USA, 2013, 08.03-08.07.

Liquidity Requirement and the Probability of Fire Sales (with Yaxian Gong and Ho-Mou Wu).


The Optimal Debt Maturity Structure of “Shadow Banking System”: An analysis based on asymmetric information, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scholars (Grant No. 71403306)

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