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Wei Xu

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Ÿ   AddressSchool of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, No 39, College South Road, Beijing, Haidian District, Beijing, China


Ÿ   Email:    




Ÿ   Ph.D in Finance                                                                  2008.09-2013.06        


School of National Development, Peking University, China;    


Ÿ   Visiting Scholar                                                                  2011.09-2012.06        


Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University, USA;    


Ÿ   B.A in Economics and B.S in Mathematics                       2004.09-2008.06        


Institute for Advanced Study, Wuhan University, China    




1.     2016.11–present     Associate Professor. School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics    


2.     2013.07–2016.10    Assistant Professor. School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics    




Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, Investments, Advanced Microeconomics, Game Theory and Information Economics    




Advanced Microeconomics,Brand Courses of Foreign Students Studying in China (granted by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the second wave), course coordinator




Corporate Finance Theory, Behavioral Finance Theory, Financial Regulation, Applied Micro-Theory    




1.     Xueyong Zhang*, Ran Chen and Xu Wei, “Underwriters and Re-IPO Performance”, Economic Research Journal (in Chinese), 2020, 1:162-180.    


2.     Larry Qiu*, Mohan Zhou and Xu Wei, “Regulation, Innovation, and Firm Selection: The Porter Hypothesis under Monopolistic Competition”, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, 2018, 92: 638-658.    


3.     Xu Wei*, Yaxian Gong and Ho-Mou Wu, “The Impacts of Net Stable Funding Ratio Requirement on Banks’ Choices of Debt Maturity”, Journal of Banking & Finance, 2017, 82: 229-243.      


4.     Xueyong Zhang*, Qiuyue Zhang, Xu Wei, “Impact of Underwriter Switch on Seasoned Equity Offering: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses” (2017), Journal of Management Sciences in China (in Chinese), 2017, 9: 85-101.    


5.     Xu Wei, Yongwei Chen, Mohan Zhou and Yi Zhou*, “SOE Preference and Credit Misallocation: A Model and Some Evidence from China”, Economics Letters, 2016, 138(1): 38-41.      


6.     Xu Wei, Xiao Xiao* and Yi Zhou “Investors' Heterogeneity, Auditor Choice and Information Signaling: A Theoretical Model and Policy Implications”, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 2015, 34(3): 113-138.      


7.     Guixia Guo, Frank Yong Wang* and Xu Wei, “Optimal Tranching with Diverse Beliefs”, Economics Letters, 2014, 124(2): 222-226.    


8.     Guixia Guo*, Ho-Mou Wu, Frank Yong Wang, Xu Wei, “Risk Retention of Bank Asset Securitization: Mechanism and Welfare Effect”, China Economic Quarterly (in Chinese), 2014, 13(3): 887-916.    




2020.01 – 2023.12   General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (71973160), project leader


The mechanism of the effect of liquidity regulations on systemic risk in China’s banking sector      


2015.01 - 2017.12  Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (71403306), project leader


The optimal debt maturity structure of “Shadow Banking System”: An analysis based on asymmetric information”  



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