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Han Fuling

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School of Finance, CUFE

Professor of Finance

Dean of Department of Applied Finance


Mob: +86-18910322668


Mr. Fuling Han is a professor of Finance School and the director of Department of Applied Finance. He obtained his M.A from the Management School of Beijing University of Science & Technology , his Ph.D of Economics in the Economic School of University of Silesia, Poland, and continued his postdoctoral research on economics in the Institute of Economics at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Also he is a visiting scholar at Tilburg University, Holland and Victoria University, Australia. He has held a post in security companies such as China Security Market Research and Design Center, and has been a member of the Committee of Economy and Finance of National People’s Congress (NPC), the Research Bureau of People’s Bank of China (PBC), an independent director and finance consultant of list companies such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), and a specially-invited commentator of Business-specialized media such as China Central TV(CCTV),China National Radio(CNR),Beijing TV(BTV),.


1980 - 1984 undergraduate at Beijing Iron andd Steel Insitute

1984 - 1987 Graduate student of Management Engineering at the Management School of Beijing University of Science and Technology

1992 - 1994 Economics PhD at Silisian University, Poland

2002 visiting scholar at Tiliburg University , Holland

2003 - 2005 Theoretical Economics Postdoctorate at the Institute of Economics,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

2007 Visiting scholar at Victoria University, Austrilia


1986 - 1991 Lecturer, Dean of Enterprise Management Department Management Department, Beijing University of Science and Technology

1992 - 1994 Assistant Professor, visiting scholar at Economics Department, Silisian University ,Poland

1995 - 1997 Associate Dean of Economics Department, associate professor at Finance Office, Beijing University of Science and Technology University.

1996 - 1997 Senior Researcher Fellow,at R&D, China Security Market Research and Design Center

1998 - 2000, Tutor of graduate students, Department of Applied Finance, School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics

2000 - 2007 Professor at Department of Applied Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics

2007- Dean of Department of Applied Finance ,Professor


Undergraduate Courses: Invest Banking, Financial Market,Theories and Practice of security market, Venture Capital Investment

Graduate Courses:Management of Commercial Banks, Investment Banking, Mergerand Acquisitions etc.

MBA/EMBA Courses:

M&A or EMBA courses: Merger, Acquisition and Corporate Finance Restructuring, Corporate Finance, Capital Operation Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Economics and Management and School of Continuing Education of Tsinghua University, Beijing Science and Technology, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology and so on.


Investment Banking / Corporate Investment and Finance / Corporate Resturing and IPO/ Merger and Acquisition/Capital Operation/Private Funding and Capital Venture Investment/Management of Commercial Banks/ Risk Management/ personal financing business


Executive member of the council, China VC Research Society

Member of the council, the Investment Association of China

Specially-invited opinionator and commentator of CCTV, CNR,BTV etc.

Independent director and non-executive member of council, CCID Consulting Co.Ltd(HK08235)

Independent director, Henan Lianhua Monosodium Glutamate, Co. Ltd(SH 600186)


Finance Consultant at ICBC, CCB,BOCOM,BOB,CMBC,NCI etc.

Trainer, lecturer, and finance consultant at companies such as AIRCHINA,HNAIR,CGC,Shandong Luneng Group, Daqing Bureau of Petro、FOTON,Co. Ltd,Capital Futures. Teaching courses of Financial Management, Corporate Restructuring and IPOs, Corporate Governance, Merger and Acquisition, Management of Commercial Banks, Risk Management, Theories and Practices of Investment Banking, Security Investment and so on.

Lecturer and tutor of MBA or EMBA programs at well known universities such as Central University of Finance and Economics, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Normal University.


Han has received honors such as‘Young Backbone Teacher Award’,’Yongjin Funding’of CUFE for several times, and his research program of ‘Reform of Investment and Financing System’was given the first-level award by the China Economic System Reform Committee. His textbook Security Investment was rewarded “Selected College Textbooks of Beijing”. The course fof Investment Banking he teaches in CUFE is also one of the” CUFE Selected Courses.


Prof. Han’s published work amounts to 25 books as follows:

Books under his exclusive authorship:

Lessons from the Stock Market Disasters, China Machine Press, 2009

Market Exit Mechanism: Push from the Market or Pushing the Market? Economic Science Press,2002

Practice of Investment Banking Business, Economic Science Press, 2001

Books and Publications:

Investment Banking, University of International Business and Economics Press, 2009

Security Investment, Capital University of Economics and Business Press, 2007

Tools of Foreign exchange Trading and Risk Covering, China Modern Economic Publishing House, 2006

Currency Basket-the forming, effects and prospective of RMB exchange rate system, China Modern Economic Publishing House, 2005

China’s Investment Prospects Report (2005), China Modern Economic Publishing House, 2005

The Accounting and Taxes of Small enterprises: a pictorial illustration, China Modern Economic Publishing House,2004

Management of Accounting and Tax for Enterprises, Economy and Management Publishing House, 2004

Financial Market, Hunan Media Press,2002

The History of and Policies for the NPL of China’s Commercial Banks, China Market Press, 2001

Village Enterprises: Shareholding reform and Going Public, China Agriculture Press, 1998.

Books with his partnership

China’s Economy in 21th century, China Financial and Economic Publishing House, 2001

A course of Modern Commercial Banking, China Economic Press, 2000

Financing System: going marketized, China Reform Press, 1998

New Issues in Modern Enterprise Management. Contemporary China Press, 1992


Han has published in core academic journals more than 120 papers or research reports.

His interest of research covers Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Capital Operation, M &A, Commercial Banks’s Risk Management, and Personal Finance Planning.


Han has directed or participated in State-Funded Philosophy and Social Science Research Programs, State-Funded Natural Science Research Programs, and other programs funded by National System Reform Committee, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, Bureau of Statistics, Chinese Academy of Social Science and so on, all of which are above ministerial level and many of which are supported by several ministries.

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