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Department of Finance is one of the most early-established and excellent finance departments in China.

The team has been committed to a good combination of research and education, which has been attracting the smartest students.
These years the team remains its academic advantages in the research fields of money, banking, financial market, monetary theory, financial supervision and Financial History etc.
The team undertakes such core courses including "Finance"(formerly named as “Money, Banking and Financial Markets”), “A Course on Central Banking", "China's Financial History", "Financial Statistics and Data Mining", "Contemporary Monetary and Financial Theory," "Advanced Monetary and Financial Theories". In 2003 the course of "Money and Banking" was awarded the honor of "National Top-Level Course".
The team led by Professor Li Jian, now has 11 teachers , among whom there are 5professional professors, 6 professors and 5 associate professors. In 2007 the team was awarded the honor of "National Top-Level Teaching Team of Finance Program".The team also consists of a “National Renowned Teacher” and winners of “New Century National ‘Millions of Talents’” as well as “New Century Exemplary Talents Support Project”. The team won the first prize of National Education Achievement in 2001 and 2005, first prize of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement in 2005 and second prize in 2001.
The team has published many books and papers. Of these, “Central Banking” by Prof. Wang Guangqian won the top prize for National Outstanding Textbook; three textbooks were awarded the prize of Beijing Top-Level Textbook; one was selected as nationally Recommended Textbook; and five found their way into the “Eleventh Five-Year National Planning Construction Project Textbook”. Meanwhile, the team has completed several national research projects and other types of research projects.