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Only one focus – The 1990th alumnus of Financial Department, Lifeng Hu

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Manager of China Galaxy Securities Co.Ltd and Research Department, fund analysis principal, fund analysis, app product manager. Graduating from Financial Department in Central University of Finance and Economics, Hu joined the Research Centre of China Galaxy Securities Co.Ltd in April, 2001 for the forming of funds. Later in December, he was appointed as the vice manager of Fund Research Centre. Afterwards, Hu took the responsibility as Chief Fund Analyst in June, 2004. During the period from March, 2006 to January, 2007, Hu was the person in charge of the Fund Research Centre. And up to now from January, 2007, Hu has been the Fund Research Centre principal for China Galaxy Securities Co.Ltd. The position from March, 2008 to November, 2010 was ED. From May 18th, 2010, Hu was assigned the work concerning Fund Analysis by the China Securities Industry Association. Besides, from December, 2010, the position has been MD. Hu owns the website www.hlf-funds.com. Hu ranked first among the most influential and respectable participants in the securities market by Economic News and Anbang. Hu was honored the National Youth Professional in year 2002 by the National Finance System in March, 2003.

If you believe your future is bright, it will be. Always be prepared for the opportunity.
– Lifeng Hu

Hu was enrolled by Central University of Finance and Economics in 1990, majoring in Finance. When asked why he made such a choice, he burst out laughing, “I didn’t think of too much, just following the country policy.” All the way from home in Fujian to school in Beijing was still clearly remembered by Hu. At the sight of the school board, the tiredness because of 48-hour train trip disappeared at once. The comfort with which he was talking was so friendly that we were more interested in the following story.

“My grades were among the latter half, but I ensure that I never wasted time.” Hu never wanted to a “good student”, and he found that the textbooks at that time were out of date. During 1990s, universities were questioning each other in terms of academy. Hu found extra 2-3 books for each textbook and actively thought of how to combine practice with theory. Hu mentioned he was deeply attracted by speeches by Gang Fan as well as his inspiring <Outline of economic theory of public economy>. He said experiencing the world was better than reading and you must broaden your horizon however your mark was in order to be strong-minded. <Microeconomics> by Biaohu Chen was Hu’s favorite book, standing on which as a giant’s shoulders gave him a spectacular view of his future. As Hu said, he was never an obedient student. What Hu loved were his thinking incurred by reading instead of books.

Thanks to the study method, Hu became better at catching every new thing happening around him. Besides, anything valuable for him will be made come true with his effective action. 15 October, 1991, Hu established a stock model market with another senior classmate, with the position of vice president. As stock was not well received at that time, Hu’s behavior caused a big sensation in school, which brought him in the School Newspaper. As the stock market thrived from deep silence, Hu believed that one day he would be a strong person. In the second semester of Hu’s sophomore year, Hu was appointed to be the chairman of the School Association of Economics, talking about newest policies or economic news with senior mates and quite active in various salons targeting senior students, which made him so different in his classmates’ eyes. “It’s youth students who should talk about national issues without worrying others would laugh at you.” Xiaoping Deng encouraged people not to be conservative in 1992 with the upcoming reform of over 180 policies. Hu got to know, that a new era had arrived.

In the summer holiday of his second school year, Hu as well as other students asked for recommendation letters from the State Commission for restructuring the economy for help with their research on Shanghai Securities Exchange. Hu really started his road towards securities from then on. In the 23 years along the road, Hu was faced with success as well as failure. Hu enjoyed himself, and never looked back.

That was Central University of Finance and Economics 20 years ago, neither nor mysterious, but extraordinarily charming. A university where you could see teacher and students debated with each other on one topic, where youth kept pace with the times, where each student’s personality was embraced and developed, where able people were brought out continuously which pushed the economic system to develop. “The building of financial system is a matter of many generations of Chinese. The historic responsibility on our school’s students is just enormous.”

Work: One’s own marathon

Hu is the chief analyst in the Galaxy Securities now and takes on the responsibility of many other titles, without a doubt the best securities dealers among his peers. Nonetheless, Hu said, “I’m just the person doing securities for the longest time and I’ll still be in this field with nothing unexpected. My advice for you is that you’d better do some basic work instead of finding a high-pay job after graduation. I’m acquainted with many successful people whose potential comes from the real experience in grass- roots. As a result, their steps upward are more stable and they can acquire respect more easily. Who just walks halfway? To tell the truth, just the PhDs who are appointed at high status.” 23 years of working experience honors him a special quality. It’s better to call him a swordsman instead of a securities analyst who is natural and unrestrained, prepared for battles at any time. As a practical worker, Hu’s words are of no exaggeration. Each time he mentioned the evolution and innovation of securities funds, Hu always burst out laughing, just like a youth of 20 years old, pursuing his highest dream of his own values.

“Quite a number of job opportunities were there after my graduation, and meanwhile, numerous peers were there, which made everyone believe they could succeed by taking either route. It’s not false, but somebody gave up halfway and chose another. It’s only me that insist my way till now. Never be in a dangerous situation with too many routes to choose. Focus on one way and go on and on, that’s it! I’m running my own marathon for all these years.”

Hu was arranged to work in the Galaxy Securities Co.Ltd and appointed as the vice director of the Galaxy Exchange Fund Research Centre in April, 2001, during which period Chinese stock market was called a gambling house. Shuwei Liu, also the CUFE alumnae, meanwhile, questioned Lantian Mystery with a 600-word passage, which brought her in a mess. Hu was not an exception. He deeply understood the huge potential of stock market as an emerging industry and the rule of games. Due to this, he made his mind to be a conscious practitioner, always prepared to be with the ancient ethnic.

Hu ranked first among 521 security analysts in 2002. In March, 2003, meanwhile, he was granted the National Financial System Youth Expertise. By contrast, Hu seldom mentioned these awards, and which appeals to him are the major events occurring in the financial industry, such as the Act of Security Funds Investment in 2003.

Future: Ours, yours, we share it

This year is the 20th anniversary of the 1990s graduates. The theme of the evening was FOREVER YOUNG. Hu argued the best format of capitalism is finance. China has really seen progressive development in the construction of financial system in the past years but still has a long way to go to catch the top financial country – the US, which depends on the young.

Some people say Beijing Financial Street in China is the Wall Street in the US. Back to reality, we must break the fantastic dream. Firstly, from the perspective of technology, the scientific innovation of China requires national revenue mostly, which is so-called “passive innovation”. Besides, China hasn’t included professional education in the formal higher education, making the academy disconnected with the practice, corporations having to train the employees the second time. What’s more, Chinese investors attach great importance to your historical behavior when deciding whether to support a plan, which is too conservative compared with the American style of stressing your future value. If your start-up idea is recognized, he will respect your idea and invest in your innovation more than one time. As far as Hu’s concerned, the technology innovation of China is off the point, and what we should do in the future is to make it adapt to the market, turning into the real initiative innovation.

Finance is a capital market instead of a commercial bank, and it focuses on the solution of how to facilitate the capital liquidity and mutual support of different levels. Hu said he was taking his team to research on the pension issue. It seems that the deposit rate of Americans is quite low, but they actually put their money into the capital market, releasing the pressure of the payment of the pension as well as promoting the flourishing development of Wall Street. In stark contrast, the focus of our country’s pension is still limited to the annuity, a big challenge facing people of different ages because of the enormous market demand. The reason is obvious, getting old is our destiny.

With regard to future, Hu added at last that one should be brave enough to strive for the entire human being. Laugh back if someone laughs at you for being so crazy. It’s none of business concerning boasting. On the contrary, a big dream can raise one’s level, setting him free from small surplus or shortage. Owing to the idea of “Fighting for the entire human race”, a potential which can’t be figured out, Google started up by venture capital. That’s why Google is still calm and confident in such a highly competitive Internet market, showing its outstanding advantage.

Future is theirs as well as ours, but to the end, it’s shared by all of us.

Peking University, Tsinghua University, RUC, CUFE

Back to school, seeing the innocent faces of our students, Hu shared a lot about his experience of being an interviewer. He gave an interesting explanation of several outstanding financial universities.

“Students of Peking University believe they have the responsibility of salvaging Chinese nation. You can say they’re conceited, but I really appreciate it. At least, it’s not easy to become conceited. Tsinghua students are much more solemn, they’re going to be future leaders of our Party and our nation. While students of RUC will say that it’s born to be a university for cadres. When it comes to our school’s students, we’re the accountants for the Party and Nation, not so powerful. Practitioners comment that students from CUFE are practical and low-key. While on the other hand, we lack some dash of the young. Where’s our aggression? Where’s our sharpness? The difference comes from different guidance of universities. What quality you develop in your college life helps you find the deserved job, a behavior carrying the outer world with a breadth of character. If you lower your goal after graduation, then others will not value you.”


Hu’s humorous speaking and warm smiling touched our hearts a lot. Appearance of distinctiveness is the inside great ambition.